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Sunday, May 2, 2010

I hope your business is going well. Whatever your answer, I bet more traffic would
be of interest to you, right?

You may already use traffic exchanges or you may have tried them before and concluded
they were a waste of time - I know many people have reached that conclusion. But I know
they work and I also know that very few people who've tried traffic exchanges have
really known how to use them effectively.

I use a site that helps me build downlines in many of the traffic exchanges simultaneously
and I have to tell you, it's awesome.

It might be time to take another look at traffic exchanges - as long as you use them
with this site:

Thanks for your time
David Foret

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Using Vital Viral to Build YOUR business

I'll get
straight to the point...

I can help you and I'm not trying to pitch you into my
business !!

Now that we have that out of the way, let me tell you why I'm
so confident that I can help you (which will help me).

Because there isn't a business around that wouldn't benefit
from extra traffic, especially if that traffic is free!

I'm about to show you a system that will help you generate
a virally growing source of free traffic and leads for your
business. And if you're in a multi-level business and you
want to help your downline, you'll be able to offer it to
them too!

Boy, this is more difficult than if I had to say it's $20
a month - who's going to believe something can be free and
have absolutely no catch?

Well it's true. It's free and will always be free (though
there is a paid option for even more benefits)

The reason it's free is that the person who created the
system designed it as a multi-level traffic generation
program. It's like a multi-level business only the
'commission' is paid in traffic!

Your monthly membership 'fee' is some of your time and you
get paid daily in traffic that you can use for any purpose.

How easy do you think it is to get people to join a totally
free program that helps them generate more traffic?

Insanely easy - that's how easy. Take my word for it.

And as more people join for free, YOU get more and more free

As I already said, the most difficult thing is persuading
them there's no catch!

I don't think I can explain any more now - just click on my
link to join for free TODAY!

Join for free:

Thanks for your time

David Foret

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Must have online tools for Networking Marketing

The following are tools every Network Marketing Entrepreneur needs to grow their business.I use them every day and you will also.
I will be referring to these tools in all my groups,so use these.

1. Mozilla Foxfire Browser
This will allow you to have several pages open at any time.Trust me you will need it for the multi-tasking you will be doing with your online business.
Also allows you to surf several sites at one time and build up your credits.
This will be found at the top of the browser.
Bookmarks is used everyday of your Marketing. You will use it to mark all your sites you use and to put them into groups for easy access when you need it.
3. Notepad
Note pad will be found in your software that comes with your PC. Microsoft hardware.
I use this to write my adds on, save my urls,what sites i have and any other items I want quick access too. I prepare each notepad for what I want it for and it stays open on my PC for when I want to use it.
4. Skype very important for communication and free.
5.A viral downline builder.
This builds your downline in traffic exchanges and safe lists and your downline builds you credits.Each time your referral signs up to one of your sites you earn credits,how sweet is that?
This is where Vital Viral comes in.

Please accept this free gift as a thank you from me:

Completely free no cost at all and will help your business.